Put account management in the hands of your customers.

As the UK heads into another lockdown, your freight forwarding offices are likely to be open to skeleton staff with many of your teams working from home.

Do we understand client behaviour during these times?

Yes, its approaching Christmas so they are going to be busy getting stock from Distribution Centres into stores and ensuring replen is happening according to their schedules.

They will of course also be working from home which like your teams removes the divide between night and day, work and pleasure. The smart phones of today have been facilitating remote working for some time now and are poised to continue to do so.

As an employer, you have no doubt provided dual monitors, ergonomic keyboards, even chairs to your teams but what have you provided to your customers? Your customers have all the tech they need thankfully, or will ensure they have the support of their employers. But think in terms of information.

Several times per day, my phone tells me latest updates about Covid-19 status here in the UK, or a celebrity that has passed away (I am sure I need to review my settings). My banking app gives me a fairly predictable update at various times during the month. Yet if I am importing goods, I am relying on emails, or being tied to my forwarders visibility system.

If amazon can give me key updates on my new Star Wars Christmas tree baubles, how come my forwarder cannot provide me with instant info on demand about my shipments containing hundreds of dollars worth of stock? Well, they can – at least that is something we can help forwarders with. As an importer or exporter, I can request notifications on my phone for updates against a particular item, order, shipment, container or even vessel.

And that alerts your clients in real time of any updates that may have happened from a database level, your key data set driving your visibility solutions. Information can now find a way to the customer without having them check in on an exception management dashboard or via a targeted email.

Most freight companies are now addressing the serious lack of customer care that the industry has seen over the past 40 years, which is a relief! Just ask yourself, do you want to meet client expectation or exceed it?

The Levitate solution is definitely not the silver bullet solution to this, expecting more from your technology platforms and putting your clients on a pedestal is.

If your B2C proposition is limited to web based visibility though and you strive to get ahead and stay ahead of the game, then the Levitate solution is definitely for you.

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